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What is an Intervention?


"My sense of an intervention is that it is a loving and caring process to help a person who is suffering in the bondage of addiction...." JVI


Thirty-seven years ago, it was my privilege to train as an Intervention Specialist with James Crowley’s Community Intervention, a Minnesota model.  This training provided a solid foundation for the intervention practices that I continue to utilize today.  My intervention services became an integral part of my general counseling practice, which grew durng those thirty-seven years to include a number of counselors in offices around the Pittsburgh area.   In 2018, that general practice was acquired by new owners, leaving me free to concentrate solely on my Pittsburgh Interventions. 

I began as a volunteer with the Chemical People Institute to establish Community Intervention through the Student Assistance Programs for schools in our tri-state area.  The next part of my journey was as founder of the Parent Assistance Program, nationally recognized by then First Lady Nancy Regan.   

Through the years, I was fortunate to train with the Reverend David Else, a Pittsburgh pioneer in the field of alcohol and other drugs, intervention and spirituality.  Reverend Else reinforced that the alcoholic/addict does not necessarily have to “hit bottom” which generally means “jails, institutions or death.”  I have learned that if an alcoholic/addict refuses treatment, he must live with the consequences or perhaps not live. 

My intervention services are continuously recognized through referrals from Dr. Abraham Twerski, Gateway Rehabilitation Center; Greenbriar Treatment Center; Pyramid Healthcare, Inc.; The Caron Foundation; local businesses and corporations; and peers who have referred both family and friends in need of help.

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What is an Intervention?


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