What is an Intervention?
                                                   June V. Isaly

To me, an intervention is a loving, caring process by family and friends to present a real chance to the alcoholic/addict to begin a sober, clean and hopeful life.  The intervention process is made up of three components: 

1)     An emotional, intense and forthright presentation of facts, not judgments. 

2)     The gathering of data, sharing of experiences and completion of a well-rehearsed assignment, accomplished most often in two sessions. 

3)     The final step of gathering loved ones and concerned others together with the facilitator and the identified client to precipitate entrance into the treatment facility. 

Researching formal rehabilitation availability and verifying insurance benefits are both necessary procedures that are completed prior to the actual intervention day.  These two steps will facilitate the immediate admission/evaluation resulting from the success of the intervention. 

An intervention is deemed a success if the client accepts a referral to formal rehabilitation.  My vision of a successful intervention also includes the presence of enlightenment and solidarity that the family and friends acquire throughout the course of the intervention. This process in itself provides a circle of hope and a wealth of insight into the disease of chemical dependency. Most importantly, it becomes apparent that alcoholism/addiction is not the fault of the family.  Intervention can, and does bring the harmful effects of enabling to an abrupt halt. 

The quality of your loved oneís life could be altered by a single phone call.  For information, consultation and to schedule an intervention, donít hesitate to call.


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